Neo4j Migrations

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This is the Neo4j-Migrations manual version 2.0.3.

Neo4j-Migrations are a set of tools to make your schema migrations as easy as possible. They provide a uniform way for applications, the command line and build tools alike to track, manage and apply changes to your database, in short: to refactor your database. The project is inspired to a large extent by FlywayDB, which is an awesome tool for migration of relational databases. Most things evolve around Cypher scripts, however the Core API of Neo4j-Migrations allows defining Java classes as migrations as well.

Neo4j-Migrations builds directly on top of the official Neo4j Java driver, supports Neo4j 3.5, Neo4j 4.1 to 4.4 and Neo4j 5, including enterprise features such as multidatabase support and impersonation.

The only dependencies are said driver and ClassGraph, the latter being used to find migrations on the classpath.

The history of migrations applied is stored as a subgraph in your database.

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