Neo4j Needle StarterKit

Reactjs Responsive Starter Kit for building applications using Neo4j Needle for accelerating TTV of your Neo4j-powered front-end applications. You can access the online version here.

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  • 📈 Various templates and components focused on specific uses-cases and industries

  • 🚀 Responsive: Adapts to different screen sizes for optimal user experience.

  • 🌚 Dark/Light Mode Theme 🌞: Includes a theme wrapper to switch between light and dark modes without having to reinvent the wheel!

  • ⚙️ Neo4j Integration: A simple example for connecting to a Neo4j database.

  • 🔐 Neo4j Auto-connect: Automatically connects to the Neo4j database if the user has a session saved (using localStorage).

  • 🛠️️ Modular approach: Facilitates easy customization.


  • To get started, see the Quickstart page.

  • For details on the available templates, see the Templates section.

  • For details on the available components, see the Components section.

  • Examples and documentation are available for every templates and components.

  • If you want to contribute to this project, see Contributing.