Built-in Help

The APOC library ships with the apoc.help procedure, which can be used for procedure and function discovery.

apoc help apoc

Running CALL apoc.help($keyword) will list all available procedures and functions that contain the given keyword in their name. If no keyword is provided, the procedure returns all APOC procedures and functions.

The function apoc.version displays the current APOC version.

Procedure & Function Signatures

To call procedures correctly, you need to know their parameter names, types and positions. To YIELD the results of procedures, you have to know the output column names and types.

The signature will be shown in the error message if the procedure is called with incorrect parameters.

Procedure and function signatures can be seen in the output of CALL apoc.help($keyword).

CALL apoc.help("levenshteinDistance")

The signature is displayed as name : : TYPE. For example:

apoc.text.levenshteinDistance (text1 :: STRING, text2 :: STRING) :: (INTEGER)
Table 1. Parameter Explanation
Name Type

Procedure Parameters





Output Return Columns