Awesome Procedures On Cypher (APOC)

APOC (Awesome Procedures on Cypher) is an add-on library for Neo4j that provides hundreds of procedures and functions adding a lot of useful functionality.

Starting in Neo4j 5 APOC core is now fully supported by Neo4j product and engineering, with its own documentation and GitHub repository. APOC extended lives in the existing place as a pure open-source project with best effort releases and community support.


APOC has been split in two parts, a Core module which contains 450+ commonly used procedures and functions (most also available on Aura). The additional extended module which contains 50 procedures that have external dependencies or are more experimental in nature (see below).

Since Neo4j 5 only the APOC-Core library is officially supported by Neo4j product and engineering.


The APOC-Core library can be installed with a single click in Neo4j Desktop, can be enabled with the Docker Image, is available in all Neo4j Sandboxes and in Neo4j AuraDB and AuraDS. In a Neo4j binary download, you can find the library in the labs folder, just copy it over to the plugins folder to make all non-restricted functionality available.

More detail in the installation docs.


The Cypher Surface Team, many contributors, team of Larus BA, Italy




Aura Docs


APOC Extended is an open-source project, not maintained by Neo4j but the contributor community. It contains procedures and functions for data integration, exporting data, cypher based procedures, natural-language-processing (NLP) and more.

There is no official support, only best effort community support and maintenance.

Availability & Installation

For APOC Extended download the appropriate release (same leading version numbers) for your Neo4j version into the plugins folder and restart the server. You might need to enable restricted procedures or add an extra $NEO4J_HOME/conf/apoc.conf for configuration settings.

APOC-Extended does not include the functionality of APOC-Core anymore, so you will need to ensure that the core-library is installed too if you need those. Also, several of the procedures need additional libraries which can be also found in the releases pages.


Michael Hunger, lots of internal and external contributors, especially the team from Larus BA, Italy lead by Andrea Santurbano




Developer Guide



We recorded the APOC Video Series. Here are the latest videos.