Neo4j Browser

Neo4j Browser

Neo4j Browser is a developer-focused tool that allows you to execute Cypher queries and visualize the results. It is the default developer interface for both Enterprise and Community editions of Neo4j. It comes out-of-the-box with all of Neo4j’s graph database offerings, including Neo4j Server (Community and Enterprise editions), Neo4j AuraDB (Neo4j’s Database as a Service), and Neo4j Desktop (all OS versions).

Neo4j Browser is suitable for running ad-hoc graph queries, with the appropriate ability to prototype a Neo4j-based application.

Neo4j Browser is a tool for developers to interact with the graph, with the main focus on:

  • Writing and running graph queries with Cypher.

  • Exportable, tabular results of any query result.

  • Used for graph visualization of query results containing nodes and relationships.

Contents of this manual

The following areas of Neo4j Browser are covered in this manual:

Who should read this?

This manual is written for developers, database administrators, quality engineers, data scientists, and data architects, who may or may not be familiar with Neo4j.