Product analytics

Product analytics, is used to track events and analytics for Neo4j Browser.

Neo4j Browser is integrated directly with Segment, giving it the potential to send analytics data.

No personal information is collected.

Neo4j Server Browser module

A message informs users that they are allowing product analytics to be collected and that they may opt-out of this if they wish.

  • Send anonymous crash reports — Crash reports allow us to quickly diagnose and fix problems.

  • Send anonymous usage statistics — This data helps us prioritize features and improvements.

The Neo4j DBMS configuration setting clients.allow_telemetry configures the initial state for allowing product analytics.

Product analytics settings

product analytics consent browser settings

Neo4j Desktop and Neo4j Aura

Running Neo4j Browser in Neo4j Desktop or Neo4j Aura, the product analytics settings inherit the consent settings managed by those environments.

Neo4j Desktop

product analytics consent browser running in desktop

Neo4j Aura

product analytics consent browser running in aura