Browser URL parameters

Neo4j Browser supports some URL parameters defined in the query component. The query component is preceded by a question mark (?) and contains a query string that is a sequence of key–value pairs separated by an ampersand (&).

Connection frame

Pre-populate the connection frame with the connection URL and set the database.

The syntax is:

http://localhost:7474/browser?connectURL=[connectionURL]&db=[databaseName] Deprecated
Example 1. Connection URL and database

This pre-populates the connection frame with:

  • Connect URL: neo4j://localhost:7687

  • Database: neo4j123

  • Username: alice

It is also possible to pre-populate the authorization method.

The syntax is:

  • [NATIVE] is the regular username and password and is the default setting.

  • [SSO] lets you sign in using SSO.

  • [NO_AUTH] means that no authorization is required.

Pre-populate the editor

Pre-populate the editor with a command when Neo4j Browser starts. Supported browser commands are:

  • guide

  • param

  • params

  • play

The :play and :guide commands run automatically.

The syntax is:

Example 2. Guide intro
:guide intro
Example 3. Play movies
:play movies
Example 4. Param
:param example=>1
Example 5. Params
:params {example:1,foo:"bar"}