Deployment modes

There are several different scenarios of how to run Neo4j Browser:

  • Neo4j Server — Neo4j includes an HTTP server that can host the BROWSER module (Neo4j Browser).

  • Neo4j Desktop — Neo4j Browser comes out-of-the-box when you install Neo4j Desktop on your system.

  • Web application — Neo4j Browser is available as a web application, (Go to Web application).

  • Neo4j Sandbox — Try out Neo4j and Neo4j Browser. (Go to Neo4j Sandbox).

  • Neo4j Aura — Neo4j Browser is available from the Neo4j Aura console. (Go to Neo4j Aura).

  • Dedicated web server — Host Neo4j Browser as a standalone HTTP web application.

Neo4j Browser is open source (GNU General Public License v3.0) and the source code can be found at

The following web browsers are supported:

  • Chrome (Latest version)

  • Firefox (Latest version)

  • Edge (Latest version)

Internet Explorer is not supported.

For details on how to set up a connection to Neo4j in Neo4j Browser, see Connect to a Neo4j DBMS.