Neo4j Desktop

Neo4j Desktop is a local development environment for working with Neo4j, whether using local database instances or databases located on remote servers. It is designed to help you as a new user to learn and experiment with Neo4j locally by including everything you need to get started.

Neo4j Browser comes out-of-the-box when you install Neo4j Desktop on your system. By default, Neo4j Browser is configured to start as a Neo4j Desktop application at port 7474. You start the Neo4j Browser application from a project in Neo4j Desktop, provided that the Neo4j DBMS for that project is started.

  1. Download Neo4j desktop application.

  2. Install and start the Neo4j Desktop application using the provided instructions (shown when downloading).

  3. Set up your first project and database following step 2 of the provided Neo4j Desktop instructions.

    Remember your password. If you forget it, you have to remove the credentials file in data/dbms/authorization.

  4. Open the Neo4j Browser.

    browser with desktop

    Alternatively, you can access this from a regular browser window by typing http://localhost:7474 and signing in with Username: neo4j and Password: <your database password (set up in Desktop)>.