Initial command

When you first open Neo4j Browser and connect to a Neo4j DBMS, it automatically executes the command:

:play start

The :play start browser command outputs an entry page containing interactive guides that you can use to learn some Neo4j concepts, try Neo4j with live data (MovieGraph), and write some basic Cypher queries.

Besides, you can also navigate to the Help & Learn drawer in the sidebar, where you will find more information about useful commands, a lot of built-in guides, and links to documentation.

If you want to change the initially executed command, navigate to the Browser Settings drawer in the sidebar and add a new value for the Initial command to execute setting.

For more information on how to enter and run Cypher queries and commands, see Cypher editor.
For more information about Cypher, see Cypher Manual and Neo4j Cypher Refcard.