About Neo4j Browser

Purpose of Neo4j Browser

Neo4j Browser is a rich interface for querying Neo4j and visualizing data results. It provides an interactive experience for writing, editing, and evaluating the results of Cypher queries to explore your graph data.

Neo4j Browser offers a Cypher Editor with syntax highlighting, code completion, and warnings to help you write Cypher queries. Executed query results are displayed in Result Frames, which offer the flexibility to view them in the format most appropriate to your query, be it a graph visualisation, a table, or a data structure of your results.

Neo4j Browser is best suited to users looking to learn the Cypher query language as a way to interrogate the graph. Users less familiar with Cypher or seeking a richer visual experience may want to check out Neo4j Bloom.

High-level capabilities of Neo4j Browser

Neo4j Browser supports all CRUD operations for interacting with your Neo4j databases using Cypher language. Its main capabilities include:

  • run Cypher

  • write transactions

  • read results

  • some admin and management capabilities

For more detailed information and examples, see Neo4j documentation.