User management

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User management is a feature within Aura that allows you to invite users and set their roles within an isolated environment.


Tenants are the primary mechanism for granting users access to an Aura environment.

The tenant you’re currently viewing is displayed in the header of the Console. You can select the tenant name to open the tenant dropdown menu, allowing you to view all the tenants that you have access to and switch between them.

Additionally, you can perform the following actions from the tenant dropdown menu:

  • Copy the Tenant ID of any tenant in the list by selecting the clipboard icon that appears when you hover over the tenant.

  • Edit the name of the tenant you are currently viewing by selecting the pencil icon next to the tenant. This action requires you to be an Admin of the tenant.


Each tenant can have multiple users with individual accounts allowing access to the same environment.

The users with access to a tenant can be viewed and managed from the User Management page. You can access the User Management page by selecting User Management from the sidebar menu of the Console.


Users within a tenant can be assigned one of the following roles:

  • Admin

  • Member

  • Viewer

Table 1. Roles
Capability Admin Member Viewer

View users and their roles

View and open instances

Access the Neo4j Customer Support Portal

Perform all actions on instances [1]

Clone data to new and existing instances

Take on-demand snapshots

Restore from snapshots

Edit the tenant name

Invite new users to the tenant

Edit existing users' roles

Delete existing users from the tenant

View and edit billing information

1. Actions include creating, deleting, pausing, resuming, and editing instances.

Each tenant must have at least one Admin, but it is also possible for tenants to have multiple Admins.

Inviting users

As an Admin, to invite a new user:

  1. Select Invite user from the User Management page.

  2. Enter the Email address of the person you want to invite.

  3. Select the user’s Role.

  4. Select Invite.

The new user will appear within the list of users on the User Management page with the Pending invite Status until they accept the invite.

An email will be sent to the user with a link to accept the invite.

Editing users

As an Admin, to edit an existing user’s role:

  1. Select the pencil icon next to the user’s name from the User Management page.

  2. Select the user’s new Role.

  3. Select Save changes.

Deleting users

As an Admin, to delete an existing user:

  1. Select the trash can icon next to the user’s name from the User Management page.

  2. Select Delete.

It is also possible to delete a user whose Status is Pending invite.

Select the trash can icon next to the user’s name, and then select Revoke.

Accepting an invite

When invited to a tenant, you will receive an email with a link to accept the invite. This link will direct you to the Aura Console, where a Tenant invitation modal will appear. You can select the tenant(s) you have been invited to and choose to accept or decline the invite(s).

You can also close the Tenant invitation modal without accepting or declining the invite(s) and later manually re-open the modal by selecting the Pending invites envelope icon in the Console header.

User management within the Aura Console does not replace built-in roles or fine-grained RBAC at the database level.