This page contains a list of CDC error codes together with their likely causes.

Error codes


Change data capture is currently disabled for this database. You need to enable CDC to make use of CDC procedures, see CDC on Neo4j DBMS.


CDC cannot find the transaction log entry for the change identifier provided. This is likely because of your log retention settings. Review your settings and increase the log retention period to fit your requirements.


The provided change identifier is invalid. That could be due to one of the following reasons:

  • it was generated by another database

  • the identifier had an invalid version/format

  • the transaction to which the identifier points to does not exist or can not be found in the current transaction log files

  • the transaction ID / commit timestamp pairing does not match that in the database’s transaction log files

  • the database was restored from a previous snapshot, see Restore backups and snapshots

Verify that the change identifier you have provided is acquired from either of db.cdc.earliest, db.cdc.current or db.cdc.query procedures for this database.