Log files

If something goes wrong, the logs are a good place to start. The standard log is called neo4j.log and it contains general information about Neo4j. There is one for each DBMS and it can be accessed directly from Desktop via the Developer menu. It opens in a separate window, which allows you to keep it in the background.

Desktop has its own log as well, with information about the application. The Desktop log file can be found here:

~/Library/Logs/Neo4j Desktop/main.log
~/.config/Neo4j Desktop/Application/log.log

Windows before 1.0.19:

%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Neo4j Desktop\log.log

Windows after 1.0.19:

%USERPROFILE%\.Neo4jDesktop\ (or any other user defined path)

See Operations Manual → Logging for more information about other Neo4j log files.