This page contains optimizations to improve the performance of a production system using @neo4j/graphql.

Schema optimizations

This section covers optimizations to reduce the size of the generated schema. Reducing the schema size has the following performance benefits:

  • Reduce server startup time.

  • Reduce memory footprint.

Exclude @deprecated fields

The @neo4j/graphql library generates some GraphQL fields and operations marked as @deprecated. These exists to keep compatibility with previous versions of the library.

If you are not using these deprecated fields, you can disable their generation with the excludeDeprecatedFields flag in the library setup.

The following example disables all deprecated fields that are generated in the library:

const neoSchema = new Neo4jGraphQL({
    features: {
        excludeDeprecatedFields: {
            bookmark: true,
            negationFilters: true,
            arrayFilters: true,
            stringAggregation: true,
            aggregationFilters: true,