Related projects

True to its name (the j stands for java), Neo4j has a wide Java-ecosystem surrounding it. This page lists the other officially supported Java projects that help you work with a Neo4j database.

  • Neo4j OGM — An Object Graph Mapping (OGM) library abstracts the database and provides a convenient way to query it without having to use low level drivers directly.

  • Spring Data Neo4j (SDN) — An Object Graph Mapping (OGM) library, as a Spring Data module.

  • Spring Boot integration — Spring Boot offers several conveniences for working with Neo4j, including the spring-boot-starter-data-neo4j "Starter".

  • Quarkus Neo4j — The Quarkus Neo4j extension provides an instance of the Neo4j driver configured for usage in a Quarkus application.

  • Neo4j-Migrations — A database migration and refactoring tool that allows running Cypher scripts and programmatic refactorings in a controlled and repeatable fashion against one or more Neo4j databases.

  • Cypher-DSL — A Cypher generator, to dynamically create Cypher queries without doing string concatenation.