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Linux Out of Memory killer

The Out Of Memory Killer or OOM Killer is a process that the linux kernel employs when the system is critically low on memory. This situation occurs because the linux…

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Shared vs Exclusive Transaction locks

This document describes the meaning of a shared lock as seen by transactions and the difference between a shared and exclusive lock. A "shared lock" means multiple transactions can be…

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Tuning GC algorithms

Introduction There are several Garbage Collection algorithms available in Java. You can find the supported JDKs in our product requirements section. We will review some of the available GCs and…

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Understanding Neo4j’s data on disk

Neo4j database files are persisted to storage for long term durability. Data related files located in data/databases/graph.db (v3.x+) by default in the Neo4j data directory. Below will give you an…

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Understanding memory consumption

So you have configured Neo4j to use 4GB of heap and 6GB of page cache and sat back relaxed, thinking the Java process would not go above 10GB in your…

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