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Neo4j 3.5 to 4.x Migration Help and Resources

This guide is designed to provide key details and links on various 3.5 to 4.x migration resources. With this document, you should be able to read and/or find everything you…

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Neo4j 4.2.x Security Vulnerability Fixed in Release 4.2.8

Affected products Neo4j 4.2.x Enterprise and Aura Cloud before 2021-06-18 Unaffected versions: Neo4j Community Edition, all Enterprise versions prior to 4.2 and Aura Cloud from 2021-06-18. Additionally Neo4j 4.3.x includes…

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Neo4j Supported Versions

Neo4j Database Enterprise Edition 5 For reference and planning purposes, the following represents a list of Neo4j 5.x releases, release date, and when that release will no longer be supported…

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Split between APOC Core and APOC Extended

With the release of Neo4j 5, the APOC library has been split into two separate packages: APOC Core and APOC Extended. APOC Core Neo4j 5 brings substantially more support to…

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