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Database Compaction in 4.0 using Neo4j-admin copy

This article demonstrates using the neo4j-admin copy tool to reclaim un-used space occupied by neo4j store files. 1). Adding 100k nodes: foreach (x in range (1,100000) | create (n:testnode1 {id:x})).…

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Running copy store tool on windows

The copy store utilities is a set of tools to compact, copy, fix and analyse Neo4j stores. You might already know this but if not, you can read more about…

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Store Format Versions Reference Guide

In some situations, you may see a log message or exception that refers to a store format version, and it is not clear which Neo4j store format it is referring…

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Using the ACTUAL data type with neo4j-import

When importing data using neo4j-admin import, make sure to review the required CSV file structure and considerations before moving on. ACTUAL vs. String (default) or Integer: Each node in…

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