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neo4j-admin load causes "Not a valid Neo4j archive"

When using neo4j-admin load for loading a .dump file, following error is observerd: Sometimes this has nothing to do with the formatting of the .dump file as indicate by Not…

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Getting "Permission Denied" errors after using neo4j-admin commands

If you have leveraged Debian or RPM Packages to install Neo4j on Linux (or used one of the Public Cloud Marketplace offerings), you need to be careful of file and…

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Understanding memory configurations for neo4j-admin backup

When using bin\neo4j-admin backup to backup a Neo4j database, Neo4j Support recommends explicitly defining the JVM heap size and pagecache memory to be used by the backup JVM process. If…

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Using the ACTUAL data type with neo4j-import

When importing data using neo4j-admin import, make sure to review the required CSV file structure and considerations before moving on. ACTUAL vs. String (default) or Integer: Each node in…

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