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Connecting via Bolt when using Tunnelling or NAT

This article aims to provide a method to connect to the Neo4j database over bolt, via Neo4j browser where the bolt host is different from the IP of the instance…

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Database Compaction in 4.0 using Neo4j-admin copy

This article demonstrates using the neo4j-admin copy tool to reclaim un-used space occupied by neo4j store files. 1). Adding 100k nodes: foreach (x in range (1,100000) | create (n:testnode1 {id:x})).…

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Limiting Bolt Threads vs Connections

Given high levels of read/write transaction requests, some ingress transactions may be rejected by the Neo4j server and the below error may be reported in the Neo4j debug.log: Whilst the…

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Neo4j 3.5 to 4.x Migration Help and Resources

This guide is designed to provide key details and links on various 3.5 to 4.x migration resources. With this document, you should be able to read and/or find everything you…

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Split between APOC Core and APOC Extended

With the release of Neo4j 5, the APOC library has been split into two separate packages: APOC Core and APOC Extended. APOC Core Neo4j 5 brings substantially more support to…

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