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How do I specify the field and array delimiter to neo4j-import as a ASCII character

neo4j-import allows one to initially load a graph.db via CSV files. There may be times when using a ',' as a field or array delimiter is not appropriate as your data may contain this character as part of its data. When this is the case you can change the default delimiters via command line parameters of:

--delimiter <delimiter-character>
        Delimiter character, or 'TAB', between values in CSV data. The default option is
--array-delimiter <array-delimiter-character>
        Delimiter character, or 'TAB', between array elements within a value in CSV
        data. The default option is ;.

If you wanted to change the default field delimiter to be the * character then you would need to define:

 --delimiter "*"

but it can also be defined as a ASCII character sequence. For example, '*' is decimal 42 on the ASCII chart, and the equivalent would be:

 --delimiter "\042"

The same syntax to specify a ASCII character can also be used for the --array-delimiter.