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How do I use LOAD CSV to update/set properties of existing nodes

One can use LOAD CSV to perform a bulk update to existing nodes, and create new nodes, as follows.

If we have a .csv called Movies.csv and its content is:

101,The Matrix,463420706
102,The Matrix Reloaded,738576929
103,The Matrix Revolutions,427289109
104,A Few Good Men,24234017

and the current graph includes nodes with a label Movie for the 1st three movies listed, then the following LOAD CSV Cypher statement will result in updating the TotalRevenue property for the three existing Movie nodes and creating a new node for the fourth movie, namely A Few Good Men:

LOAD CSV FROM "file:///Movies.csv" AS csvLine
MERGE (n:Movie {id:csvLine[0]})
ON CREATE SET[0],[1], n.TotalRevenue = csvLine[2]
ON MATCH SET n.TotalRevenue = csvLine[2]

Running the above Cypher the first time will result in:

Added 1 label, created 1 node, set 7 properties

Subsequent re-runs of the same LOAD CSV will result in:

Set 4 properties