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Neo4j & JDBC: the Neo4j JDBC Driver vs. BI Connector

This page describes the connection between JDBC and Neo4j, and when users should use the BI Connector, vs. when they should use the Neo4j JDBC Driver.

To begin with, let’s start that JDBC is a transport; that is, it is a way of moving data from point to point. JDBC itself does not imply graph or tables; "Java Database Connectivity" is just concerned with an API for connecting to databases, issuing queries, and getting results.

The BI Connector

The BI Connector is a proprietary JDBC driver developed by Simba/Magnitude, in cooperation with Neo4j. For Neo4j Enterprise customers, professional support is available for the BI Connector.

It provides a JDBC-compatible interface for executing SQL queries against a Neo4j instance. The BI connector exposes a virtual relational schema for software tooling such as Tableau that expects a relational database, and which knows how to build & execute SQL queries.

The BI Connector supports Neo4j version 3.5 forward.

The Neo4j JDBC Driver

The Neo4j JDBC project is an Apache 2.0 licensed open source project that is run as part of Neo4j Labs. Community support via Neo4j’s usual channels is available.

It provides a JDBC-compatible interface for executing Cypher queries against a Neo4j instance and fetching results. On the project page, several examples are provided.

The Neo4j JDBC Driver supports Neo4j 3.0 and forward.

Usage Guidance

The BI Connector is recommended when the situation involves:

  • Business facing applications such as Tableau, where users may not be knowledgeable about graphs, or where the tool is generating queries automatically on their behalf (typically by SQL)

  • Enterprise support is needed

  • Integration with 3rd party tooling that is SQL/JDBC aware.

The Neo4j JDBC driver is recommended when the situation involves:

  • Developer tooling where the developer is writing the queries themselves, and knows Cypher.

  • Extract, Transform, and Load scenarios where tight control over the necessary Cypher is required

  • A custom java program where a driver is needed as a dependency