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Explanation of error LOAD CSV error of "Couldn’t load the external resource …​"

When running a LOAD CSV Cypher statement, for example whether through bin/neo4j-shell or the browser at http://localhost:7474 this may result in an error as follows And the data/graph.db/messages.log (2.x) or…

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How do I use LOAD CSV with data including quotes

When using LOAD CSV to read a file which includes data with double quote characters ("), the quotes need to be escaped as 2 double quote characters For example if…

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Importing CSV Files: Neo4j Aura, Desktop and Sandbox

Loading various kinds of files into Neo4j requires different locations depending on the tool you are using. Import methods we will cover: Remote: Neo4j Aura and Neo4j Sandbox Local: Neo4j…

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How do I establish a simple HTTP Server local to my Neo4j Instance to serve CSV files

When using LOAD CSV one can define the source file to be either at a local file system (i.e load csv from 'file:///…​' ) or a webserver ( i.e. load…

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