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How do I define a LOAD CSV FIELDTERMINATOR in hexidecimal notation

When using LOAD CSV one can define the field delimiter used, whereby the default is the ',' character. If you want to override the default this can be accomplished via…

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How do I view the column headers of a CSV file with LOAD CSV

If one has a CSV file with the following content and one simply wants to run a LOAD CSV command to have the column headers returned, the following should suffice…

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Neo4j specific http request user agent strings

For those APOC commands that retrieve data using HTTP/HTTPS, and or running Cypher LOAD CSV the request will be sent with Neo4j specific user-agent/browser identifiers. Below is an example log…

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Parsing of quotes for LOAD CSV and/or Import

When using LOAD CSV or neo4j-admin import if your data contains quotes they must be properly escaped to be imported otherwise one might encounter the error neo4j-admin import error LOAD…

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How to import a file with LOAD CSV that has a space in file name?

When you try to import data from a file using LOAD CSV where the filename containing spaces for example you get the following error: Statement: Error: To allow for a…

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