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How to Setup Neo4j to Startup on Linux Server Reboot

If you want to emulate the Neo4j RPM service with a tar installation on Linux systems, do the following steps: As root: Copy the $NEO4J_HOME/bin/neo4j script file to /etc/init.d Edit…

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Proper File Permissions on Neo4j Server

When installing Neo4j Server, keep in mind that the bin/neo4j executable will need to be run by some OS system user, and that user will need write permissions to some…

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Running Docker as Non-Root User

When running Neo4j Docker, it will run as neo4j user inside the container. But to run docker as a different user one can specify the --user argument. Documentation has a…

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Startup failure due to misconfigured unmanaged extensions or plugins

Occasionally, following upgrades, one might encounter Neo4j server initialisation failure due to an exception similar to: This exception is usually thrown in following situations: When the plugins directory (by default…

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Using supervisord to manage Neo4j process

In general, running the neo4j process directly is the most common way to start and stop the neo4j server. However, if you use supervisord to manage processes, this has worked…

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