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Can I use NFS as my filesystem or datastore storage?

The short answer is no. Although this may seem harmless, the reason for this is not performance related, but rather for control over locking files. NFS and other filesystems that…

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Capacity Planning Example

Here is a back of the napkin example of capacity planning for a Neo4j workload for the following list of requirements: Requirements Analysis 1) Estimating an initial database size of…

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Debian / Ubuntu: How to enforce a certain version of neo4j when using debian packages

If you want to run a specific version of Neo4j and install the software via a debian repository you need to use a technique called apt pinning. Otherwise, any system…

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How to List and Install Neo4j Versions Using yum

Neo4j 3.0 does NOT provide an rpm, and it is unlikely 3.1 will either. This is on the roadmap to be done soon, but presently it is not an official…

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Proper File Permissions on Neo4j Server

When installing Neo4j Server, keep in mind that the bin/neo4j executable will need to be run by some OS system user, and that user will need write permissions to some…

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TLS/SSL Configuration for Specific Ciphers

Per documentation: dbms.ssl.policy.<policyname>.ciphers is by default set to the Java platform default allowed cipher suites, which can also be explicitly set to any specific ciphers (separated by ",") to further…

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