Prerequisites and system requirements

Bloom client

  • User access to a Neo4j Enterprise Edition database.

  • GPU-enabled client machine or VM, discrete GPU is preferred.

Note that a GPU passthrough setup, with a discrete GPU assigned to each VM, can be used in case the VM on the client side doesn’t have a GPU.
Neo4j Desktop hosted
  • Neo4j Desktop 1.2.5 and above.

Web server hosted
  • Chrome, Firefox or Edge web browser.

For faster search performance, it is highly recommended to set up indexes in the Neo4j database for all properties that should be searchable in Bloom. In general, full-text search indexes are recommended and are required if you want case-insensitive text matching.

Compatibility mode

Note that sometimes, due to compatibility issues between GPU and WebGL, the visualization may not appear at all. This issue is most common on Intel embedded GPUs running under a Linux operating system, but it may also be found in other configurations. Enabling Graph layout compatibility mode (found in Settings of the Bloom client) can help solve this issue and make the visualization appear. However, some of the application functionality may not work as expected. We recommend using a Windows or Mac client environment with discrete GPUs.

compatibility mode

Bloom server

  • Admin access to a licensed Neo4j Enterprise Edition database.

  • Neo4j Bloom server activation key.

To obtain activation keys for the Bloom client or server components, ask your friendly neighborhood Neo4j representative.

Version compatibility

  • Neo4j Enterprise Edition database versions supported: 5.x+, 4.4.0+, 4.3.0+.

  • Chrome, Firefox, and Edge (based on Chromium) browsers: Latest version recommended.

  • The Fabric capability of Neo4j 4.x is currently not supported.

  • Bloom is compatible with currently supported version of the Neo4j Graph Data Science library. See Supported Neo4j versions for more information. A supported version of the GDS plugin must be installed on the DBMS in order to use the GDS functionality in Bloom.

For more information on supported versions of Neo4j, see Neo4j Supported Versions.

Keep in mind that if the Bloom client is used with the server component, both client and server should be the same exact version.