Settings drawer

compatibility mode

The Settings drawer contains various options for the application. The following can be controlled from this drawer:

  • Node query limit - can be adjusted within a range of 100-10000.

  • Search timeout - controls the duration of a search query.

  • Case insensitive search and suggestions - enables case insensitive use of both search and in suggestions.

  • Classic search - to disable the improved search function.

  • Queried results highlight - automatically selects new nodes on the scene.

  • Property shown on hover - enables tooltips that shows the properties of a node when you hover over it.

  • Graph layout compatibility mode - can solve compatibility issues between GPU and WebGL. See Compatibility mode for more information.

  • Write transactions - disabled by default.

  • Perspective auto-sync - automatically adds new categories to Perspectives when new labels are added to the database. Enabled by default when using Bloom without the plugin and disabled when used with the plugin. See Refresh Perspectives for more information.

  • Product Analytics - consent settings for sharing telemetry data with Neo4j. See Settings for Product Analytics for more information.

  • About Bloom - licencse information.