Agent configuration file

The agent configuration file is used by a self-registering agent to persist its token information, which is required for restarts.

The agent looks for a file named nom-agent-config.yaml under the following directories in order:

  1. path set by CONFIG_AGENT_CONFIG_PATH environment variable

  2. conf directory under path set by NEO4J_HOME environment variable

  3. path set by NEO4J_CONF environment variable

  4. .nom directory under user home directory by default

The agent initially reports a warning while running in self-register mode such as | WARNING | unable to load config from file error="open /home/.nom/nom-agent-config.yaml: no such file or directory". This is expected behavior, as the file is created while persisting intial agent configuration.

It is also possible to provide the entire configuration in configuration file but agent will override this file to only save configuration it requires to connect to NOM server. Recommended way to configure agent is through environment variables as specified here

Following is a minimal agent configuration that is persisted by agent for server connection:

    url: "<url used for authentication>"
    clientId: "<agent client ID>"
    clientSecret: "<agent client secret>"