Home page

The default username is admin and the default password is passw0rd. To change the password from the user interface, click the top right settings icon that redirects you to the global settings. Then click Settings on the left side where you can find a form to change the password.

Make sure to always store passwords safely. Losing passwords leads to getting locked out of the system.

System topology

Below is a visual overview of your system. In the example image, two systems are monitored, one is a Cluster and the other a Single instance.

The Single instance is online, which means that everything works as expected.

However, the Cluster instance has a status of Agents down, i.e. some of the agents montitoring the DBMS instances are down.


Working with a DBMS

To select a DBMS, double-click on the DBMS in the System topology. All pages below the Home page are then displaying data for the selected DBMS.