Install agent

  • Download platform specific binary: Download

    In certain environments, downloading agents is not an option. Therefore, NOM agent binaries are also bundled with Neo4j packages. NOM agent packages can be found in the products folder in the Neo4j home directory. These binaries have support for the Neo4j version that they are bundled with.

  • Extract the archive

  • This step is only required if using SELinux. To permanently change the SELinux context of the agent binary, run the following commands:

    sudo semanage fcontext -a -t bin_t <EXTRACTED_DIRECTORY_PATH>/bin/agent
    sudo restorecon -v <EXTRACTED_DIRECTORY_PATH>/bin/agent

    <EXTRACTED_DIRECTORY_PATH> should be replaced with the path to the extracted directory.

  • Add the bin folder in the extracted directory to PATH

  • To verify the installation, run the following command:

    agent version

    Which should output:

    <agent name> <agent version> <agent revision>